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The present invention relates to an analysis system including an analysis apparatus and a controlling apparatus thereof, and particularly to a system for effectively and accurately adjusting the analysis parameters of a gas analyzer, a data acquiring method and a device, and a program. For example, in a conventional control system for controlling the operation of an analyzer to which a gas sensor is attached, a controlling apparatus controls the gas sensor according to the control output of a sensor control section. The controlling apparatus mainly includes a data acquiring section (monitoring section) and a control section. The data acquiring section receives data of the gas sensor as the control output of the sensor control section, and the control section controls the operation of the gas sensor according to the control output of the sensor control section. JP-A-2003-320830 is a known example of a control system for gas analysis apparatus. In the system, the gas concentration at the inlet of the gas analyzer (which is the concentration of a target gas in a measurement target gas) is calculated based on the output voltage of the gas sensor. The gas concentration at the inlet of the gas analyzer is used as a control target for the gas analyzer to be controlled. In general, the characteristics of the gas sensor (the output of the gas sensor in relation to the gas concentration) vary from sensor to sensor. Therefore, it is preferable to set different analysis parameters for the analysis of a target gas for each gas sensor. This can improve the accuracy of the gas analysis. Further, the gas sensor is constructed with a heater, a gas-discharging and exciting section, and a detection section (detection device). The heater heats the heater to a high temperature and is turned on and off. The gas-discharging and exciting section causes a target gas to flow toward the detection section and generates an electrical signal indicative of the concentration of a target gas. The detection section detects the electrical signal and converts the signal to a voltage. The gas-discharging and exciting section is constructed with a heated metal electrode. Therefore, if there is a part, which is not in contact with the target gas, on a circuit board (controlling substrate), heat from the heater is transferred to the outside of the gas analyzer through the circuit board. The transferred heat negatively affects the output of the gas sensor. If the heater is maintained to have a high temperature for a long time, the gas sensor is deformed and thus its sensor characteristics may be deteriorated. The controlling apparatus is responsive

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