Our solo hero, the iconic Jack, simply wants a place to call his own! One night, the enigmatic stranger offers to help him find the legendary Monkey Tavern. This is the only reason he agreed to the dive of his life… But soon he finds himself in a dangerous situation in an uninviting dungeon. During his adventures, Jack meets a lot of old friends and new faces. He soon discovers that he is not the only one looking for something precious in this dungeon. Explore many rooms, solve puzzles, fight enemies, test your reflexes and your imagination in this unusual, challenging game! If you want to get more info about Heroes of the Monkey Tavern or to find some high scores : Hope you will like this game! Thanks for watching and see you next time for another game from Emture. Friday, April 10, 2010 Stress: Freeing the Spirits – A Better Way Saints have always understood that unless they were free, they could not perform their functions. St. Patrick on the subject of letting go: When we lighten the burdens of others our own burdens are lightened. Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj on the subject: If one person who is affected by stress tightens his arms around himself and withdraws, he does not feel good. He may shrink inside like a frog in a well, but whatever be his shape it does not express the will to live. This also applies to other people whom we hold tightly, although their skins and bones are fully developed and their muscles are strong and healthy.December 07, 2016 Dogs Can Help Unlock the Mysteries of the Brain Many of us have likely seen dogs sniffing around a tennis ball or beagle tracking a scent. How much do they know? Can they help us understand the inner workings of the brain? According to the article, Can dogs teach us something about the brain? A study published recently has demonstrated that dogs understand and can access visual information that we can’t. The study demonstrates that dogs not only understand what words mean, but they are also able to manipulate certain neurons to learn that these words signify useful information. The article describes several studies and research suggesting that dogs can understand approximately 18,000 words, and



  • New Locations (Squad Main Location, Sherriff depot etc)
  • New Weapons
  • New Replaces
  • New Items
  • New A.I. Behaviour
  • New Modes
  • Gameplay Update
  • New Enemies


  • The original soundtrack and special edition will no longer be able to be downloaded when the game is upgraded.


  1. Connect your PS3 to the internet
  2. Go to Playstation store and download the Decryptor
  3. Plug the game disc into the “R” drive
  4. Run the Decrypter (RunGunJumpGun-RUS.exe, RunGunJumpGun-RUS.exe)
  5. Install the new patch via XMB installation
  6. See “Updates” for further details.

Helpful Links

  • The “Game update notice” in store will probably inform you (and it probably already does anyway)
  • If you want to file a bug report for the game, you go to the “Help” option on the XMB and select “Report a Bug”
  • If you want to sign up to the VC mailing list, you go to the “subscribe to mailing list” link on the XMB


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First you’re simply a thief. In an (admittedly rather complex) story with four endings. Then you play as a burglar and find treasures, get caught and run from the police. Only when you play as the henchman and steal the treasure directly do you get to see what a thief is doing. The simple gameplay lets you visit hidden rooms and find a variety of new possibilities. While the game isn’t particularly clever in comparison with other games of this type, it’s still fun, and in time your brain will get used to the game. A good thief has many objectives. It’s therefore important that the environment and the puzzles are well suited to the time you’re playing. That’s what makes Thief Town fun for many hours. [translated] 4.0/5 Hacking Thief Town: Cannibals, guns and ancient technology are three things that can be used to hack and steal things. The easiest way to find and use these tools is to create your own mod. Like many other games, Thief Town has different “programmers” or game mods, which are sold online. You can then put them into the game’s mod folder, which has special tools that help you to manipulate the game. It’s quite simple to create a mod. The main tools for the game are the Editor and the Mode Selector. The Editor is where you create, set and edit the settings and properties of your mod. You can select various settings, then save them as a file and load them in the next session. The Mode Selector is a window where you can activate and deactivate individual mod parts. If you want to delete a game part, you must first delete it in the mod folder, then activate it. Of course, your game will not be saved. But you can load the saved game without all the modes and objects. [translated] 4.0/5 Puzzles Thief Town: You can quickly solve puzzles with the help of your mod. A stolen car or phone can be found in the mod menu, then used to move things around. You can then move a phone to get away from the police, for example. When you get into a room with a puzzle, you simply find the right object or tool that’s needed. Then you can use the mod to open the door or solve the puzzle. If you’re lucky, you might even find the right tool yourself. Because Thief Town has many puzzles and objects to handle, it will keep


What’s new:

    Revealed! This post is also available in French. Over the past week, I’ve received a lot of comment and questions about our current batch of Theme Packs and our plans for the future. With NieR: Automata, Bravely Default and Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE, we’ve been seeing a major shift in the industry and with the help of the Tokyo Xanadu community, we’re working on a next wave of the multiplatform release. Our first Theme Pack is happening right now! The following items will be available for the next XNA server update, see the full post for the details on what to expect! Cael Stone Ave Candle Lamp Copper Lamp Glow Bulb Sablin Sakura Candle Lamp Cardboard Candle Lamp Salamander Candle Lamp Sciarra Festa Candle Lamp Irisette Lantern Mosrel Sakura Lantern Magnolia Lantern Nebula Lantern Sangria Candle Lamp Lanvilda Lantern Kreia Grass Lantern Assisi Lantern Tulip Lantern Totoro Lantern Snow Pot Rose Lantern Chocolatier Lantern I need you down here Black Wings Chocolatier Chocolatier Tinker Sassafras Lantern Ganglion Lantern Lodestar Lantern Lucy Tinder Lantern Ants Omelet Lantern Baby Laugh Lantern Strawberry Lantern Shaman Lantern Syrup of Hairstreak Lantern Ichiro White Hairstreak Lantern Alycen Castle Maker Roof Lantern Fossil Lantern Tropico Lantern Paleopalco Lantern Senorita Statue Maid Statuette Maid Statuette (Black History Item) Cannon Staff Piston Staff Baitfish About The Game: Planchette is back! The Japan-based team of light novels and manga authors lead us here and now, with guidance from the mechanical titans of the Game Builder Team of Cheetah Egg. So what’s new in this version? Besides the re


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    Gunk is a stylish point and click puzzle game developed by a team with years of experience designing for PC. The Gunk has been available on Steam since 2013, and has over 50 reviews on the PC-version of the game, and over 50 reviews on the Xbox One version of the game. The Gunk follows a new character, Adelaide, as she moves from her childhood home to the city. In the city, she finds a much older woman who has lost her memories and a man who is also lost his memories. In order to help her find her way back home, Adelaide has to solve puzzles and defeat enemies. A broad range of puzzles with different formats are included in the game, such as platforming, climbing, puzzle-pushing, and flying. The Gunk supports both mouse and keyboard controls, and both, as well as a gamepad, can be used in online multiplayer. Key Features: [Puzzle] – Through point and click, solve puzzles, defeat enemies and progress in the game. [Story] – The Gunk follows a story about lost memories and an ending, where characters and objects return. [Puzzles] – A wide variety of puzzles included in the game. Four different difficulty levels, free-of-cost and online play. [Co-op] – Through local multiplayer, two players can play together on the same computer. [Official Website] – The official website of the Gunk About the Gunk developers: The Gunk was originally developed by Handy Games, a studio founded in 2013 by Måns Nilsson (formerly employee at Angry Beavers) and Anders Melin (former employee at Stardew Valley). The company has released the game on all major PC platforms (Windows, Mac OS X, Linux) and was founded with the goal to create more colorful and interesting console games than the typical ones. The Gunk has been nominated for several Indie of the Year awards, including Game of the Year at IGN’s Game Awards 2016, Best Storytelling Game at Game Awards 2016, and Best Puzzle Game at The Game Awards 2016, among others. In 2017, The Gunk was nominated for Best Indie Game at Develop:Star Awards, and nominated for Best Game at IndieDB Awards 2017. About the Gunk Publisher: The Gunk is developed and published by Handy Games, founded in 2013 by Måns Nilsson (formerly employee at Angry Beavers) and Anders Melin (former employee at


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System Requirements For DUNGEONS OF CHAOS:

Windows 7 or higher (64-bit only) Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) or higher A DirectX 9 compatible video card (OpenGL 3.2+ required for the Tekken 6 beta) Might be Windows Vista or Windows XP (32-bit only) and 32-bit Mac OS X (Snow Leopard) NOTE: In-game voice chat and in-game help can only be used in English. In order to play in the Tekken 6 beta, you must be a valid Kickstarter Backer.


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