A: Look for the definitions of id and data in the source code. Those are (respectively) defined as static const uint8_t id = 50; and static const uint8_t data[12] = { //126. id and data are macros, so they are preprocessed before the code is compiled. As those are not defined as const char*, they are preprocessed as uint8_t (likely 16-bit unsigned numbers), not as C strings. If you have access to the source code and know what to look for, you should be able to find where exactly this is done. A: In the code of libsndfile you will find something like this: static const uint8_t * const id[] = { … Since the static const qualifier is missing on the right side of the =, the compiler does not consider it a constant. In fact, looking at the code for gen_listen_id there is a usage of the id macro: static uint8_t id[] = {0, 1, 2, 3, 4,…, 15}; Note that if the macro name is changed to something else, the correct usage of the const qualifier is not taken into account. A: In the source code for the library you linked to, it can be seen that: static const uint8_t id[16] = {50, is replaced by the macro: static const uint8_t _id[16] = {50, where the value at the left is 16, but the value at the right is not: static const uint8_t _id[16] = {50, Since the compiler does not know what this macro actually does, it assumes a literal of type uint8_t. FILED NOT FOR PUBLIC

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