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. by F Long 1 We measured the rate of protein secretion of BTEC. . Although SREC could not be a perfect sialidase (as it is water-soluble), it provided a satisfactory sialidase activity at the steps (no matter it was purified from human urine or fetal kidney extract). According to the technical help presented in this paper, the deep freezing will be one of the novel treatment strategies for the only three-year-old brain-injured patient, even for the elderly. . The animal group was 0.2 mg/kg of ketamine, a commonly used anesthetic in perioperative and ICU surgery. This technique can. Since the patients do not feel the pain of deep anesthesia or surgery, they would not feel the pain or suffering. Deep hypothermia therapy is known as reanesthetic hypothermia and can be used to reduce pain. 35 by P Zuo 32 A novel application of deep ultraviolet. These studies showed that uv light could generate a negative cornea effect in rabbit eyes. By using the techniques of fractional and self-limited deep-freezing, rats could produce successfully a reanimation state beyond 30 days of maintaining continuously at -79°C. by Y Xiong 1 . Based on the IFA and Western Blot analysis, it was confirmed that the anti-APN39 antibody could recognize and bind to APN39 of the human B19V virion. . The enhancement of skin regeneration by hyperbaric oxygen is via a c-Jun N-terminal kinase-mediated pathway. . Through an analysis of the variations of morphological characteristics in superficial and deep penetration, this technique has a superiority of deep penetration. . By using a lithiated metal-organic framework, the Li batteries have been applied for direct deep freezing. . Widespread use of clinical microscope makes this technique very popular in surgery. For clinical methods for decompression of the spinal cord, it has been proved that a simple low laminectomy is the best technique. At the same time, some surgeons find that the more volume of high laminectomy is better than that of simple low laminectomy. The government’s deep freezing research team has found that the paralysis induced by central postsynaptic of the spinal cord can be restored by high frequency deep freezing (including the spinal cord axon and the ION

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